Oops She Did It Again: 5 Times Britney (Inadvertently?) Offended The Gays

Oops She Did It Again: 5 Times Britney (Inadvertently?) Offended The Gays

Let's be real: we love Britney. Really, how can you not?

And while we sincerely believe that the Princess of Pop is well meaning, that doesn't mean some of the things she's done or said in the past haven't ruffled a few queer feathers here and there.

Inspired by recent events, we decided to take a look back on a few of the moments when Miss Britney Jean may have fumbled a little bit with her words or perhaps just didn't quite think through what she says saying.

Calling Her Gay Fans "Somewhat Girls"
Ohhhhh, Britney.

In this most recent word fumble, the pop singer found herself being questioned about the influence of gay fans on her music while promoting her new album "Britney Jean." Her response? She finds inspiration from the gays because "they're somewhat girls."
Getting Slammed For "Gay Marketing"
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Shortly after dropping "Work Bitch," the debut single from her latest "Britney Jean," Brit Brit caught some major flack from gender-bending queer artist and musician Mykki Blanco for alleged "gay marketing."

"is it just me or is EVERY female pop star currently in a war to secure as many GAY fans and gay $ as possible ?" the rapper asked.
Calls Gays "Adorable" And "Hilarious"
Prior to claiming that her gays fans are "somewhat girls," Britney found herself in hot water for some comments made during a radio interview on 99.7 NOW FM.

"A lot of my hair stylists and my beauty team that I work with are gay so I hang out with gays a lot and I just think they're adorable and hilarious."

Duh, of course we ARE, but still. Britney, Britney, Britney...
Insults Paparazzi By Calling Him Gay
Oh, girl!

This is one side of the Pop Princess that you don't see very often. Clearly Britney is pissed off that this member of the paparazzi is filming her, but the insult she chooses has us shaking our heads.

"Why are you not with your f**k buddy tonight?... Why don't you go film your friend? Maybe you guys can make a little money together. Gay videos are in, you know?"

That British accent though, y'all...
Calling Anti-Gay Preacher Her Favorite Author
During a recent Twitter Q & A to promote her latest album "Britney Jean," the signer (unknowingly, we're guessing) dropped a bomb when asked about her favorite author. Spears' response?

“Anything by Max Lucado.”

Lucado is a notorious anti-gay preacher and author from Texas who is widely known for his homophobic views. In 2004 he released What God Says About Gay Marriage -- you can easily guess the subject matter.

To summarize: We worship at the altar of Brit nightly and have had "Britney Jean" playing on a loop since we got it. We just think this is a great example of how even our most strident of allies -- and even us queer people -- can always use a little more education about who makes up our community and how we talk to and about each other.

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