A Britney Spears Concert Has Delayed An Upcoming Israeli Election

Can't compete with Britney, b***h.

Make her ooh, but don’t make her reschedule her shows. An Israeli election slated to take place in July has been moved, reportedly because it clashed with a Britney Spears concert.

The pop singer will perform in a central part of Tel Aviv, Israel, on July 3 after touring Japan and the Philippines. An Israeli Labor Party primary election was scheduled in the same area on the same day ― but it’s now been moved to July 4.

Without naming the singer, a party representative explained the delay by citing “a major event” at the venue where Spears will perform, in a statement provided to Jerusalem Online. An unnamed source reasoned that since many security personnel would be employed at the nearby concert, there might not be enough to secure the election, Haaretz reported. Plus, traffic will surely be insane, as one candidate told a local radio station.

Announced in early March, Israeli Labor Party members were supposed to hold a primary election to choose their new party leadership on the day of the Spears concert. The Times of Israel reported at the time that the election would be an “acrimonious” one between several Labor candidates, the nation’s main opposition party. 



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