People Are Saying Their Coffee Machines Sound Like Britney Spears' 'Stronger'

You might think your coffee is strong... but is it stronger than yesterday?

Hush, just stop: If you love your coffee machine, Britney Spears and the weirdness of Twitter, then have we got a story for you.

For at least the last nine years, people on Twitter have been intermittently noticing that their coffee machines emit a certain recognizable sound ―specifically, the introduction to Britney Spears’ 2000 hit “Stronger.”

Press play below and you can hear it at the 12-second mark:

A viral post by a user named Sam (and written up by BuzzFeed) shared a video of a DeLonghi machine emitting the familiar tone.

But outside of Sam’s machine, people have apparently noticed this similarity for years.

Here are some posts going back to 2010 of people realizing that Spears’ influence knows no bounds: 

HuffPost has reached out to Spears, DeLonghi and Nespresso for comment.