This Is A Story About A Girl Named Britney Spears And Her Comeback VMAs Performance

We're so lucky.

She did it. 

Britney Spears made her grand return to the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night with a performance of “Make Me,” the lead single off her ninth studio album, “Glory.”

After a hilariously stilted introduction by Kim Kardashian West, our everlasting pop princess brought hand puppetry to the masses by dancing, singing (?) and slaying in front of a projected backdrop of shadows. 

Dressed in a sparkly gold leotard with matching thigh-high boots, Britney did what Britney does best: out-gyrate all your faves like there’s no tomorrow.

But then your regularly scheduled Britney programming was interrupted by rapper G-Eazy, who contributed a verse to the song. 

Then, the duo transitioned into into his hit “Me, Myself & I,” (honestly, perplexed) during which Britney somewhat shockingly grabbed his crotch from behind. We love you, Britney, but next time less G-Eazy, OK? 

The performance was the cherry on top of Spears umpteenth comeback tour. Nine years ago, Spears’ last time on the VMAs stage, she stumbled literally and professionally with a rendition of “Gimme More” that’s haunted her ever since. 

Before the ceremony, Spears admitted that  she was “nervous” about Sunday night’s show, but clearly all her hard work has paid off. 

“Every time I’ve performed there, it’s always been one of those really big, nerve-wracking experiences, and the people that come — those celebrities — are just so much fun and different,” Spears told 103.5 KTU’s “Cubby and Carolina In the Morning” on Saturday. “I still get very nervous.”

Tonight, it’s finally official. Britney’s back, bitch.



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