Britney Spears' Workout Regimen Pretty Much Proves Her Abs Are Not Fake

Britney Spears has been facing a lot of criticism since fans noticed her incredibly toned abs during her new "Piece of Me" show. Fans and critics alike began accusing the singer of using makeup to draw on her six–pack. However, Spears' now-revealed workout regimen will have people thinking twice before critiquing Britney's bod.

Reportedly, Spears claims to do hour–long cardio workouts three times a week with her trainer and 90 minutes of yoga twice a week. The regularity and intensity of her workouts keeps the "Toxic" singer looking and performing well during her rigorous dance routines.

"Sometimes we focus on the core or relaxation, but other times I just kick her butt!" Spears' yoga teacher explained to Shape magazine, in an earlier interview. The yoga teacher shared a few of the poses that have been most helpful to Spears, including the boat, crescent lunge and warrior II.

Spears' trainer, Tony Martinez, has also shared a few of the performer's workout plans. "I like to integrate sports because she is an exceptional athlete," he explained to Hollyscoop. Apparently, Spears prefers to take her workouts outside of the gym to keep things more interesting.

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