Britney to Mom & Sis! Look How Far I'll Go to Get You Out of My Spotlight!

What's really going on with Britney and Jamie Lynn is Roman tragedy, even Biblical. Think, Remus and Romulus, think Cain and Abel -- two siblings desperately vying for attention and power.
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After her 16-year-old sister Jamie Lynn Spears announced that she was pregnant and commandeered world headlines, the covers of Star and numerous other celebrity news weeklies, Britney knew she would have to do something BIG!

Partying pantyless, a third pregnancy of her own, a new paparazzi boyfriend -- none of that was going to do the trick. Plus there was other tension coming from an unusual place for Britney -- the political scene. Barack, Hillary and Huckabee were doing some major attention-grabbing of their own,

Britney had to go for a doozy. And she did!

We've all seen her now being wheeled from her mansion strapped to a gurney after a close to four-hour standoff with police.

Her two little baby boys were there, K-Fed was there, bodyguards, a court monitor, hovering helicopters...again, a scene that not even the best fiction writer could make up.

I say what's really going on is Roman tragedy, even Biblical. Think, Remus and Romulus, think Cain and Abel, Issac and Ishmael, Esau and Jacob -- two siblings desperately vying for attention and power. And in the case of Brit and Jamie Lynn, it's an even tougher situation, they have their mother Lynn pushing her way into the spotlight to with her new big book deal that won't die.

So it's triplets all desperately and determinedly needing attention and Britney, a huge child star and the center of the Spears family's focus for all these years, feels she needs it the most. She needs to be Number One Daughter and she'll do whatever it takes to stay that way.

A shrink friend explained it to me like this "when you get that type of stardom at such a young age and when it feels like it's being taken away with her career on a downward slide, it's such a loss, such a void that Britney has tried to fill it.

First, "it was with having babies and they were taken away. Now her sister and mother are taking away her press spotlight. She feels like everything is being taken away."

Britney is very likely mentally unstable. Star magazine has had medical experts telling us for almost a year that she is probably bi-polar. When you have mental instability, mixed with drugs and alcohol and a feeling of loss of control, it's not hard to understand Britney's desperate measures to regain control of her power in both her personal relationships and her control of the media spotlight.

She may not be able to tell her sister and mother face to face to get the heck out of her spotlight, but sadly, she just found another effective way to do it!