Brits Visit Walmart, Find American Culture In A Box Store (VIDEO)

Walmart as a tourism destination - who woulda thunk it? Apparently Alex and Liam, two friends from Essex and Scotland who longed to experience the most real form of American pop culture. There, sandwiched between questionable food trends and composition notebooks, they got what they came for.

On a trip to sunny California Alex Day and his Chameleon Circuit bandmate Liam ventured into a Walmart superstore looking for the best supermarket America has to offer. Among their confuddled discoveries, ham slices with cheese baked into the loaf, the similarities between petrol containers and iced tea bottles and over-the-counter eye patches. Essentially, they discovered, anything you could ever need to exist in life can be found in Walmart.

"I don't understand why any other shops exist," noted Alex after listing off a number of reasons why Americans should pack up their homes and move to the super chain.

The deep philosophical questioning continued off-video on Reddit where commenters lodged into discussion on the legal spelling on "wyngz," a chicken meat food product.

Who knew Walmart could stir-up such hard-hitting debate?