Britt Alan Cox Sentenced To Life In Prison For Shooting Bonni Gilbert Bergen, Blowing Up Her House

Britt Alan Cox, 42, was sentenced to life in prison plus 30 years without the possiblity of parole for the robbery and murder of Bonni Gilbert Bergen at her Lakewood, Colorado home in July of 2009.

Cox, a meth user, was found guilty of murder, aggravated robbery, arson, aggravated motor vehicle theft, tampering with physical evidence and burglary, 7News reports.

Cox and Bergen had been friends and used methamphetamine together, according to The Denver Post. Prosecutors said that on July 27, Cox broke into Bergen’s home and stole some tools and her Chevy Blazer. He then came back the next day, broke in again, but this time shot Bergen in the head, killing her.

According to 7News, hours after he murdered Bergen, Cox returned to her home, punched a hole into the gas tank of the Chevy Blazer and used the gasoline to set her home on fire. Apparently, Cox used too much gas in the fire because police noticed that his hair had been singed and his skin looked burned when he was arrested several days later. The explosion was so large, it blew him out of the house, prosecutors said that Cox had admitted to friends.

The Denver Post reports that Bergen’s ex-husband spoke at Cox’s hearing saying she held degrees in biology and environmental design and that she was a good mother to their two sons before she started using meth.

Bergen began to suffer from mental illness in recent years and it was then that she started using illegal drugs, according to 7News