Couple Who Appeared On 'Maury' Charged In Sexual Abuse Of 5-Year-Old Girl

An Alabama couple who appeared on the "Maury" TV show last year now faces charges surrounding the alleged sexual abuse of a 5-year-old girl.

David Anthony Williams, 21, was arrested on Oct. 3 and accused of first-degree rape and sodomy involving the daughter of Brittany Day. Williams allegedly attacked the young girl in June, according to the Advance Digital.

The couple appeared on a Sept. 19, 2013, taping of the show, titled, "I Love My Fiance and My Ex... Who's My Baby's Dad?" The child mentioned in the "Maury" episode is not a victim in the case, but the episode does show a grim outlook on the couple's life leading up to the suspected abuse.

This year, investigators say they were approached by members of Day's family after the victim told them Williams was abusing her and claiming it was "a game," the New York Daily News reports. Day, 25, was arrested a week later when family members told investigators that the mother knew about the alleged abuse.

Day failed to report the alleged crimes, police say. She was released on $7,500 bond pending an Oct. 30 court date. Williams is still in jail.

The victim is in protective custody.



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