Brittany Glaid Sues 8-Year-Old Jennifer Lilly's Father Over Scratch To Car (VIDEO)

A South Florida woman denies she is suing an 8-year-old girl over a scratch -- but the girl's family says that's "basically" what Brittany Glaid is doing.

Little Jennifer Lilly was riding her bicycle in her gated Pembroke Pines neighborhood when, WSVN reports, she rounded a corner to find Glaid's parked car blocking the sidewalk. The girl crashed into the vehicle, leaving a scratch that will cost $200 to fix.

"I went and I told the neighbors," Jennifer explained to WSVN. But the neighbors in turn called the police, who reportedly faulted Jennifer alone for the damage.

Father Alan Lilly said he offered to pay half, because he felt both Jennifer and Glaid were equally responsible for the damage. But Glaid wanted 80 percent from the Lillys, and shortly filed a lawsuit against Alan -- earning her the dubious inclusion in the 'Loser's Corner' at local watchblog Random Pixels.

"I don't think it's right to say I'm suing an 8-year-old," protested Glaid, 26. "It's not right to say. I'm not. I'm suing the father of the 8-year-old for the damages done by his 8-year-old."

According to WSVN's legal expert Howard Finkelstein, children 6 and older can in fact be sued in the state of Florida -- but Glaid may not recoup no matter which Lilly she goes after. Read his opinion of Glaid's chances to collect -- and more on this story -- at WSVN.

Jennifer's accident, however, isn't the first time a child has "basically" been sued over a bicycle accident. Two Manhattan 4-year-olds were actually sued personally in 2010 after they pedaled into an 87-year-old, breaking her hip.

After the elderly woman died of unrelated causes three months later, NBC reports, her estate sued both children -- at least one of whom was still using training wheels.

In that case, a judge ruled any child aged 4 and above could be sued in the courts of New York.