Brittany Macintyre Charged With Prostitution At Town Library: Cops

As Francis Bacon once said, "Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed." Neither case applies here.

Usually people go to their local library to satisfy their thirst for knowledge -- not carnal knowledge. Earlier this week a New Hampshire woman was arrested for allegedly offering the latter at a suburban Massachusetts library, and police say she wanted cash in exchange.

On Tuesday, police in Tewksbury got a tip that there was a woman working as a prostitute out of the town library. An undercover cop went to check it out that evening.

He said that within moments of entering, Brittany Macintyre, 20, approached him with a pad and pen, and the two began passing notes. (You know, because it's the library and you should respect people's peace and quiet while allegedly engaging in your illicit transaction.)

Eventually, according to police, Macintyre offered to perform a sex act on the cop in exchange for $60. She was arrested on charges of prostitution. Police say she was also wanted on drug charges.

The Eagle-Tribune reports:

Back on Valentine’s Day, Macintyre was arrested for illegal possession of cocaine and heroin in Methuen.

She was arraigned on all charges Wednesday in Lowell District Court.

WBZ interviewed Tewksbury residents who were stunned by the allegations.

“I didn’t think Tewksbury was that big on prostitution,” one library patron told the station. “I’m quite shocked because a lot of kids come here and I’m a teacher, so it’s pretty scary.”

WCVB reports that this isn't the first prostitution controversy at the Tewksbury library. Last year, a homeless man was arrested after posting a Craigslist ad offering sex in the library's bathroom.

"I was thinking this thing would never happen again," concerned father Tolayuth Ok told the station. "And then it did."



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