BriWi on SNL: We Show The Clips, You Decide

NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams hosts SNL.

Brian Williams hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend, and everybody's got an opinion — but for those of you who missed it (and weren't watching the pump-up segment on the Today show — synergy!) are are wondering how it might affect which anchorperson you turn to in a moment of crisis, HuffPo has put together this gravitas-busting highlight reel so that you may decide for yourself. Apologies to NBC, except now that your YouTube page is down and the catchily-named Hulu is completely inaccessible, it's harder to find your stuff (oh, come now, the NBC SNL page just isn't the destination of choice for the kids these days). Then again, is the Nightly News? See if BriWi can change your mind...or send you running back into the safe, warm embrace of Charlie Gibson.

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