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Bro Do You Even Lift? The Challenges of Being a Slender Man

In recent history, the topics of body positivity and fat-shaming continue to make headlines. Whether it’s the the mainstream media, social media ‘personalities’, or anonymous online haters, attacks on the weight of anyone isn’t particularly cool. A focus on physical health and wellness is one thing, but our society’s obsession with skinny can clearly go too far.

While underweight people generally receive less criticism in print and online, this doesn’t mean being targeted for being too skinny hurts any less. Those who have been ‘skinny-shamed’ ponder why society maintains a double standard: why is fat-shaming frowned upon, whereas skinny-shaming is not?

The Social Renaissance Project offer a tongue in cheek take on the difficulties faced by the slimmer man, in their video ‘10 Things Skinny Guys Are Tired of Hearing’. From tips on bulking, to workout tutorials and concerns about core temperature, it can’t be easy for your more ‘diesel’ acquaintances to offer their advice for sizing up. SRP’s take helps provide some levity to an otherwise uncomfortable scenario.

The Social Renaissance Project is a production company creating media to raise awareness of groups that are currently underrepresented in the mainstream. Find their work on YouTube and Facebook.