'Broad City' Broads On What It's Like To Always Be Asked About Being Broads

Really, what *is* it like to be women in comedy?

Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer are sick and tired of all of the "women in comedy" questions

In an interview on Tuesday with AOL Build's Ricky Camilleri, the "Broad City" duo discussed why it's boring (and sexist) that they're always asked about being women on TV. 

Even Camilleri said that he's sick of asking the question in interviews because it's so overused, but, he added, "it’s also something that I don’t feel I’m being responsible if I don’t bring it up in some capacity to talk about it, whether it’s to talk about how it’s asked or if it should be asked."

As usual, Glazer and Jacobson responded with the perfect mixture of wit and brilliance. 

"You know what would be effective, I get not dropping the question but maybe we ask men the same question," Glazer told Camilleri. 

Jacobson added that the same questions could be posed to Key and Peele or the Workaholics dude trio. "Next time you have Key and Peele, be like ‘What is it like to be a male duo?’" Jacobson said. "That would be awesome."

Hell YAS, ladies.

Watch the trailer for season 3 of "Broad City" below, which returns to TV Feb. 17 at 10 pm. 

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