'Broad City' Prepares For The Apocalypse On The Day Of Trump's Inauguration

Nasty women at their finest.

As the rest of the world watches Donald Trump become the 45th president of the United States, Abbi and Ilana of “Broad City” are preparing for the worst case scenario. 

The Comedy Central series released a video short on Friday in conjunction with the inauguration, featuring our favorite New Yorkers readying themselves for four years of Trump. 

Of course, they’ve bungled their attempts to stave off the apocalypse, forgetting food, batteries, provisions, etc. and generally losing their minds, as the two are separated thanks to a poorly-timed laser hair removal session. 

“It’s about to get ‘I Am Legend’ up in here. You’re going to need those pubes for warmth,” Ilana says. “Mustaches are going to be currency soon.”

But nothing could brace them for the news alert of Trump dropping the “elect” and actually becoming president, sending both into an expletive-laden rant about everything that’s wrong with **gulp** President Trump.

We think Ilana put it best when she says, “F****************ck.” 



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