Broad City Season Premiere: Abbi And Ilana Return With An Episode About Friendship, Weed, And Rape.

A few minutes into Wednesday night's season two premiere of Comedy Central’s Broad City—starring comedy duo Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer as the wacky, winkingly fictionalized BFFs “Abbi” and “Ilana”—Abbi rapes a guy. It’s summer in New York, and when Abbi finally gets her date Stacy (played by guest star Seth Rogen) to stop cooking fajitas over a hot stove and have sweaty sex with her, he passes out from the heat with her on top—and she keeps going until she’s finished. The next day, when Abbi recounts the episode to Ilana, she informs Abbi that she's totally a rapist, then riffs on the idea—“You know, I’ve never been to this neighborhood before, but I’m not scared because I’m with a stone cold rapist”—until she circles around to a justification: “Hey, it’s OK. It’s reverse rapism. You are raping rape culture. Yes!”

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