'Broad City' Stars Shut Down Dumb Questions Like The Queens They Are

👑 Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer were having *none* of it. 👑
They're just THE best. 
They're just THE best. 

With "Broad City" returning for season 3 in less than a week, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer are back on the press circuit -- and back to shutting down misguided interviewers.

In a recent interview with Playboy's Eric Spitznagel, Jacobson and Glazer discussed the third season of their hit show, the upcoming presidential election and their thoughts on feminism.

Spitznagel asked what the dynamic duo thinks of The Wall Street Journal's description of "Broad City" as "sneak-attack feminism." "Why are you so sneaky?" Spitznagel asked Glazer and Jacobson. 

Jacobson: We’re both totally up-front and proud feminists. We’re not being all secretive about it. I feel we’re pretty blatant in our approach.

Glazer: I think it’s kind of crazy that we’re still calling comedians “female comedians.” That seems more like a sneak attack.

Jacobson: I mean, sure, if you play the episodes of "Broad City" backward, there are hidden messages.

Glazer: “Diiiie, men.” If you play any "Broad City" episode backward, that’s all we’re saying.

In the words of Ilana:

"How are the two shows different?" Spitznagel asked. 

"If somebody asks, I usually just tell them to google it," Glazer said.

She went on to point out the subtle sexism in the assumption that shows with female-driven casts are somehow similar simply because they're about women.

"It’s so weird that that’s a thing... You’ve got the one show about some vaginas," Glazer said, with Jacobson interrupting: "And then there’s that other show with the other talking and walking vaginas." 

"I’m not going to watch two TV shows with vaginas in them unless somebody tells me why they’re different!" Glazer said. 

We'll happily watch all the shows with talking and walking vaginas, ladies -- just, please, keep making them.  

 Watch the trailer for season 3 of "Broad City" below. 

Head to Playboy to read the rest of Jacobson's and Glazer's interview. 

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