Broccoli Rabe Recipes That Will Make You Love This Bitter Green

This hearty, bitter green is having a little bit of an identity crisis. We love it anyway.

Broccoli rabe is having a little bit of an identity crisis. This hearty, bitter green (which we sometimes call rapini) is more closely related to turnips than it is to broccoli, although their family resemblance seems totally undeniable. It's always around this time of year that broccoli rabe seems to transition for us from a hearty, stewed winter ingredient, to a bright, fresh, peppery spring ingredient.

We love the broccoli rabe classics -- think orecchiette with sausage and garlic -- but we're also really enjoying adding this spring's abundant broccoli rabe crop to spring pizzas, sandwiches and salads. Since broccoli rabe is a powerhouse in the Vitamin K department, which may play a role in keeping our bones strong and warding off Alzheimer's, we're just going to keep experimenting with how many different ways we can eat it. As if that wasn't enough, the bitter, earthy flavor of rapini pairs perfectly with creamy, salty cheeses -- and we definitely didn't need another excuse to enjoy those.

Italian Chicken Cutlet Sandwich With Broccoli Rabe And Provolone
Food Blogga/Food52
Broccoli Rabe And Egg Pizza
Linda Xiao
Get the Broccoli Rabe and Egg Pizza recipe from The Tart Tart
Roasted Broccoli Rabe With Garlic
Get the Roasted Broccoli Rabe with Garlic recipe from SkinnyTaste
Burrata Bruschetta With Broccoli Rabe
Get the Burrata Bruschetta with Broccoli Rabe recipe from Food52
Braised Broccoli Rabe
Get the Braised Broccoli Rabe recipe from Macheesmo
Broccoli Rabe, Potato And Rosemary Pizza
Sarah Shatz/Food52
Get the Broccoli Rabe, Potato and Rosemary Pizza recipe from Food52
Summer italian Pasta
Get the Summer Italian Pasta recipe from Macheesmo
Grilled Bread Salad With Broccoli Rabe And Summer Squash
Linguine With Broccoli Rabe-Walnut Pesto
Quentin Bacon
Get the Linguine with Broccoli Rabe-Walnut Pesto recipe from Quentin Bacon
Orecchiete With Broccoli Rabe And Sausage
Jenifer Mangione Vogt/Food52
Sautéed Broccoli Rabe
Elizabeth Hait/AOL
Get the Sautéed Broccoli Rabe recipe from Elizabeth Hait from AOL
Delfina's Broccoli Rabe Pizza
Get Delfina's Broccoli Rabe Pizza recipe from Sunset
Broccoli Rabe with Pasta and Sun Dried Tomatoes
Simply Recipes
Get the Broccoli Rabe with Pasta and Sun Dried Tomatoes recipe from Simply Recipes
Broccoli Rabe with Caramelized Onions
Simply Recipes
Get the Broccoli Rabe with Caramelized Onions recipe from Simply Recipes

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