'Bro-Dal Showers' Are Like Bridal Showers For Dudes, Apparently

'Bro-Dal Showers' Are Like Bridal Showers For Dudes, Apparently

The wedding and all the other events leading up to it are generally bride-centric affairs. But why should being a guy preclude you from all the fun stuff (assuming you want to be part of it, that is)?

And thus the concept of the "bro-dal" shower was born. It's like a bridal shower, but for guys because "grooms deserve to be celebrated too," says BuzzFeed Life, who recently got the term trending.

"More and more guys are deciding against the traditional bachelor party with a stripper and Vegas, and are looking for a more laidback way to celebrate with their friends," BuzzFeed Senior Lifestyle Editor Rachel Wilkerson Miller told The Huffington Post. "And when guys marry other guys, their loved ones often still want to throw them some sort of a party to show their support for the couple."

The BuzzFeed folks threw two separate bro-dal showers for two of their engaged male co-workers, which featured goofy games as well as delicious snacks and drinks.

The first one was lumberjack-themed:

With a chocolate tree stump cake ...2015-06-25-1435270749-2366828-brodalDSC_9614copy.jpgCredit: Lauren Zaser/BuzzFeed Life

Beer brat sliders ...2015-06-25-1435268971-6505557-brodalDSC_8822copy.jpgCredit: Lauren Zaser/BuzzFeed Life

Skillet s’mores dip ...2015-06-25-1435269138-1630309-brodalDSC_8903copy.jpgCredit: Lauren Zaser/BuzzFeed Life

And a beard-decorating game.2015-06-25-1435269199-2145271-brodalDSC_9532copy.jpgCredit: Lauren Zaser/BuzzFeed Life

And the second was Batman-themed:

With a Gotham-themed table setup ...2015-06-25-1435269391-4938334-brodalDSC_1949copy.jpgCredit: Lauren Zaser/BuzzFeed Life

Cocktails inspired by different characters ...2015-06-25-1435269532-9092840-brodalDSC_1868copy.jpgCredit: Lauren Zaser/BuzzFeed Life

Quintessential shower games ...2015-06-25-1435269611-8189860-brodalDSC_2223copy.jpgCredit: Lauren Zaser/BuzzFeed Life

And a photo booth with props, of course.2015-06-25-1435270623-5287418-DSC_2186copy.jpgCredit: Lauren Zaser/BuzzFeed Life

Whether you think the concept is silly or brilliant, you have to admit the ideas are clever and cute. (And they could just as easily be used for a wedding or any other party, for that matter.) For more inspiration, head over to BuzzFeed Life.

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