Broncos Uniforms Through The Years (PHOTOS, VOTE)

Maybe it was just the magnitude of the game, but the retro uniforms worn by the Broncos against the Patriots on Sunday certainly drew a lot of commentary.

ESPN's D.J. Gallo:

I heard the announcer say they were throwbacks to the franchise's original uniform in 1960. I seriously doubt this. Why would the original design of the team's uniform be based on the colors seen at the bottom of a bronco's stall? That's disgusting. 1960 was not a crude time. No, there has to be some other explanation. My guess: While the rest of the league is wearing pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Broncos are trying to create awareness about some sort of digestive ailment.

The New York Times' Lynn Zinser called them "perhaps the ugliest uniforms of all time," while Andy Behrens wrote that the uniforms "demonstrat[ed] beyond any doubt that life in America in 1960 was miserable. In a truly free society, clothing like that would not happen."

It's hard to disagree with even the most hyperbolic interpretations of the Broncos' throwbacks. In any case, to give some historical perspective to these atrocities, we've created a slide show chronicling the evolution of the Broncos' uniforms.