WATCH: Cringe-Worthy Highlights From the 2013 My Little Pony Convention

In one of the strangest trends to ever hit the Internet, the adult male obsession with the children's show My Little Pony, has created a wealth of fan-fiction and message boards all across the internet.

These men, typically referred to as "bronies," recently held a convention to celebrate their love of the show, and luckily someone was there to capture it on video.

The brony lifestyle has stirred up controversy throughout the internet, with people often comparing adult fans of this children's show to pedophiles.

However, it becomes obvious in this video that "bronies" are really just a group of people who have found a safe-haven in the friendships created by their mutual passion for the show.

Whether your favorite pony is Mrs. Cupcake, Twilight Sparkle, or Princess Luna, or you're simply not a fan of the show at all, this video will bring a smile to your face and add a dash of pony magic to your day.



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