Sex Toys For Bronies: Tasha Reign Has Something For The 'My Little Pony' Loving Man In Your Life

Finally, A Sex Toy For 'Bronies'

Brony up!

These days, even the most wholesome products seem to get ridiculously sexualized. Exhibit A: The new line of sex toys for "bronies," or bros who fervently enjoy "My Little Pony" products.

Rising porn star Tasha Reign teamed up with sex toy manufacturer Crystal Delights to help bronies take their cosplay to the next level. Just put one on -- and you don't need adhesive, if you know what we mean -- and you'll look like you have your own neon-colored pony tail.

Tasha's Reignbow Pony Plugs come in pink, blue, yellow and purple, and retail at $125.

tasha reign pony tails

To be sure, Pony Plugs are aimed for a niche market, but Reign says it's not as small as you might think. The AVN Adult Entertainment Expo this week in Las Vegas offers bronies some pony accessories for their perverse pleasures. The Internet is full of products, too.

"At places like, there are pony ears and noses and the whole to-do," she told HuffPost Weird News.

"I wanted to find my own way to tap into the brony market, and I think tails are it. Kinky is more normal now, and this is what people like."

Sexy? We say neigh. Still, "My Little Pony" has a following that fills convention centers, where bronies celebrate their love of Mrs. Cup Cake, Twilight Sparkle, Princess Luna, and other four-legged friends.

And if you thought Reign was stopping at just plugs, don't get a long face. What weird brony product would be complete without a live-action porno to go with it?

Yes, "Tasha's Pony Tales," a full-length porn film, has already been released, so you don't have to fetishize your childhood memories alone.

It follows "a bunch of regular girls" who, wouldn't you know it, are at a slumber party. A few sips of a magical potion later, and these regular girls have been transformed into ponies who live in a magic cloud land.

Sadly, Reign says, the magical pony land has been taken over by centaurs -- bros -- and the only way to take back their homeland and reign supreme is to "well, have sex with them."

"I've always been a big fan of horses -- and what a cool fantasy," Reign said. "I think cosplay and the adult industry are really coming together."

Dusty Rhoades, dubbed the "World's Manliest Brony" and a "My Little Pony" hero, declined to comment. Calls to Hasbro, Inc., which owns the rights to "My Little Pony," weren't immediately returned.

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