Actress Brooke Adams On Why You Should Watch Her 5-Minute Show

The reason I started writing the blog for The Huffington Post was to promote our web series ALL DOWNHILL FROM HERE. Our goal was to post a new episode of the series with a new blog every week. I'm sorry, I can't write a great, funny blog every week. But my sister, Lynne says the series depends on it. And she firmly told me that I need to write my blog about the show and not about any old thing that happens to be on my mind. So here goes.

When we first decided to do ALL DOWNHILL FROM HERE, Lynne and I thought we could do it for no money. We would write and direct it, we would star in it, and we would prevail upon a myriad of well-known actor friends to be in it with us. Video equipment had gotten so inexpensive we could get what we needed for under $5,000. We weren't technically proficient (though Lynne claims she can do it all herself), but we figured we could find a crew without too much trouble.

We felt empowered. We could do whatever we wanted. And best of all we wouldn't have to answer to anyone.

Our first stumbling block was the sound. We thought we could use the sound on the cameras. Wrong. While a bad picture can seem artistic, bad sound is just annoying. The sound equipment was the most expensive item. Three cameras were under $1,000, but a single lavalier microphone costs way more.

Also it seems both Lynne and I had forgotten how much we hated asking well-known actor friends to work for free on a (lame) project of ours. And we're no better at asking cameramen, editors, or sound people to pitch in on our creative, non-paying little endeavors.

So when Lynne's very cute gardener, Joe, said he wanted to be an actor, she convinced him that in today's market actors need to do their own projects. He became a series regular and our camera operator, sound man, DP, editor, and co-producer having never done any of those things before. We thought with funny material and good actors would make up for any technical deficits. Also our series concept, that we are making a documentary which we shoot ourselves, gave us a lot of leeway.

So far it's working out pretty well. If you haven't watched it, we are just starting to post our second season. Each episode is only five minutes. Starting at the beginning is recommended.

Another thing we hadn't really considered, in much depth, before we began, was how to get people to watch it. When HuffPost saw the show, loved it and offered to post a link to the weekly episodes along with my blog posts, we thought we had arrived. We were sure that was all we needed to build a big audience. It might be enough if the HuffPost Post-50 audience really steps it up and EVERYONE watches ALL DOWNHILL FROM HERE. Come on, each episode is only five minutes.

When we started our project we wanted to prove to the powers that be, that women over 50 are a great demographic. They are the largest buying public on the internet, according to Lynne. That's power, right there! So let's use it. Let's take our rightful place in the pantheon of great consumers and start a trend. Watch ALL DOWNHILL FROM HERE. Don't tell me you don't have 5 minutes?

Due to unforeseen egos and unanticipated senility, we won't be able to continue without hiring some people. And we won't be able to pay anyone if we don't get an audience. Apparently, if we can prove that people are watching, we can get advertisers who'll pay us for using their products on the show. The possibilities are endless if you just take a lousy five minutes to watch an episode of ALL DOWNHILL FROM HERE.


Catch new episodes of Brooke's web series, All Downhill From Here, every Tuesday through November 8th on Youtube. Watch all episodes at

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