Actress Brooke Adams On The Need For Arms Control

I was obsessing about my new potential role as world famous entrepreneur and activist. I figured I better start researching the history of gun violence and groups for gun control. I already knew Congress hadn't passed a bill for background checks when nine out of 10 people in the country wanted them. It seemed obvious congress was doing a very good job of representing the gun lobby, not us.

I hosted an event for MOMS DEMAND ACTION for gun sense in America. I was very impressed by its founder, Shannon Watts. She was just a mother reacting to the massacre at Sandy Hook who knew how to make a website. She made one and it grew and fostered a groundswell of outrage. Shannon has taken that and turned it into action. They have achieved unprecedented wins for gun sense already. And I believe that this movement will succeed because of people, all touched by this gun epidemic and unwilling to stand by and let it continue.

Why didn't I feel like I could be one of those people? I guess because I've always been willing to stand by and let things happen. I got briefly committed to other political causes. In the 80s I went to El Salvador and Nicaragua on a fact finding expedition but I never did anything about the facts I found, except cry a lot. I went on a march in Washington that had something to do with poverty and homelessness and a lot of famous people showed up. I always agreed to speak at fundraisers for worthy causes, because in the 80s I was still a celebrity. So people invited me to stand for positions and I really wanted to use that platform to do good. But I hated recruiting other celebrities which was what these organizations wanted me to do. Maybe because of my early involvement with the Black Druids (a fascist cult I was indoctrinated into at 18 by a boyfriend), I never altogether trusted myself. Not that this cult could be compared to any of these causes, but I couldn't be sure what points of view I should stand behind. There were always other points of view. I questioned the very idea of opinions so I avoided having any really strong ones. My sister, Lynne (Kate on the show), had enough opinions for both of us. But it was my inability to sustain an interest in anything that always ended my commitments. Not just in politics. I get bored with my own creations. I wrote a screenplay for five years and when I finished, it no longer interested me, so I put it away in a drawer. And before I got married in my early 40s every romantic relationship was cut short by my growing indifference.

But surely I could stay interested in doing good and becoming famous for it. I want to help stop gun violence in this country! And why shouldn't I look good doing it ... ARMS CONTROL

Arms Control would not only be a fashion accessory, but it would also be a political statement. We are demanding sensible gun laws. And we won't take no for an answer.

A friend recommended this man, the father of her daughter's school friend, who had done a lot of business in the fashion accessory world. He had brought some Japanese exercise clothes from a million dollar company to a $3 million company in a year. I met him, I'll call him Rob, and I told him I didn't know anything about business but I had an idea. He said I could leave the business part to him. The idea was terrific and he could implement it for an hourly fee.

So I was off. I would become a major player in the fashion world and I could do some real good for the country. It hasn't turned out that way but I'll let you know more later.

To be continued...

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