Actress Brooke Adams On Her Post-Election Blues

How to react. The election was such a surprise to all the people I know, all the Blue People. I am having a real problem adjusting. Everyone is bombarding me with articles. In bed the other night I received two sent by different friends dealing with the same issue but coming to the opposite conclusions. The first said that the "Liberal Elite" are to blame for being completely out of touch with the Christian right in the middle of the country who are just as much the victims of the economic situation as any minority or immigrant and that somehow hating bigotry and loving inclusion and then demonizing these rust belt well-meaning people is hypocrisy. The second article said that all this blaming the "elite liberals" for not trying to understand the plight of the white Christian is total bullshit. Because these people are brain washed by a religion and they can't listen to reason about anything. They are anti-education and anti-inclusion. Their religion tells them that white people are superior because God branded people with colored skin so you could spot them as inferior.

I can't take it. I can't socialize. I don't want to have the conversations anymore but to not talk about it feels like sticking your head in the sand a la Nazi Germany. I'm getting the message we must be ever vigilant. I don't have the energy for that.

We have no idea who is really pulling the strings. Is it one mega evil corporation of rich people or is it just things doing what they've always done historically, laws of nature kind of thing? Or is it really one clueless clown who unwittingly captured the hearts and minds of all the angry disenfranchised people in this country? Or is he just a puppet of whatever the mega power is.

There are always awful things going on. There's Isis. And poverty. And hunger. And Syria. And earthquakes which brings me to the one overriding threat -- GLOBAL WARMING. I'm spinning out with a sense of dread that I haven't felt since the 8o's when every other one of my friends was dying of AIDS. Only now it's GLOBAL WARMING and we have to act fast to slow down its devastating effects and we've just elected a man who doesn't believe in it.

I'm meditating twice a day for 20 minutes.

I'm painting like mad.

Lynne and I are thinking about how to reflect all this in our show. Keeping it funny will be a challenge. But maybe this could be our method of staying ever vigilant.

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