'Brooklyn 11223' Upsetting Bay Ridge Councilman Vinnie Gentile

Brooklynites are up in arms over "Brooklyn 11223," a new television show that residents say portrays them with unflattering, trashbag stereotypes.

Evoking MTV's "Jersey Shore" backlash in 2010, a recent editorial in The New York Post sums up the show's plot as "caricatures of slutty 'guidos' totally lacking in manners and sexual restraint...the show cements the basest bigotry."

Oxygen network's obvious spin on the irritating success of "Jersey Shore" will probably just end up being a vapid failure, but Bay Ridge Councilman Vinnie Gentile is making sure people know he's angry. His spokesman tells The Politicker:

We all need to take responsibility - parents, TV studios, advertisers, journalists, policymakers and even teenagers – for what is being watched by the younger generations. There is no redeeming social value or positive takeaway from the perpetuation of these trashy and classless stereotypes that serve only to degrade, denigrate and objectify women and Italian-Americans.

Apparently, there's even a meet up planned at Beyond Dance Studio in Bay Ridge, where residents can voice their rage and protest the show.

Watch the promo below. Try not to squirm: