Gorgeous Brooklyn Apartment Is Something Both Men And Women Can Agree On (PHOTOS)

The Important Lesson Every Couple Can Learn From This Apartment (PHOTOS)

Many designers will tell you that a magazine-worthy living space is all about editing the stuff you own. It turns out the same rule applies to merging styles with a partner as well, a technique the experts over at design house Homepolish know well, and are clearly applying in their own homes.

Case in point? Designer Louisa and her boyfriend's Williamsburg, Brooklyn abode.

Her style: charming and eclectic; his style: minimalistic and clean. Together, they've managed to create a space filled with her favorite vintage accents balanced by clean-lined furniture and masculine flourishes that Homepolish describes as cozy, yet refined.

"To keep it quirky, Louisa collected all the artwork from various friends, and even blew up photo prints from her boyfriend’s Instagram," her colleagues say.

Take a look at the results in the slideshow below and head over to Homepolish for more.

couples decor

couples decor

couples decor

couples decor

couples decor

couples decor

Photos by Claire Esparros

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