Brooklyn Heights Rat Problem: Rodents A Menace To Upscale New York City Neighborhood (VIDEO)

New York City exterminators say business has doubled since Hurricane Sandy, as rats driven inland from the shorelines by the storm got cozy in cushy neighborhoods like Brooklyn Heights.

"I've actually had rats run across my feet," a woman told NY1.

It's so bad, the rodents are even crawling into cars. From The Brooklyn Paper:

A mechanic discovered that the car’s electrical wiring had been chewed through, and the foam lining around the engine cover had been shred to make a telltale nest.

And it wasn't an isolated incident:

The service manager at Bay Ridge Lexus, where Perl took his car for repair, said that he has seen five cases of rat-infested cars so far this winter.

And despite all of this, The New York City Health Department told NY1 there's nothing to indicate an increase in Brooklyn Height's rat population.

(Which, obviously, is exactly what the rats want you to think.)

The city's rat population, after all, is notoriously hard to determine. One estimate put the number of rats at a staggering 32 million.