Brooklyn Nets School ESPN Analyst Who Said They Don't Text Each Other

Jalen Rose couldn't have been more wrong.

In a conversation Tuesday about how losing teams don’t have fun, ESPN analyst and former NBA player Jalen Rose brought up the Brooklyn Nets.

The team’s 28-54 record was worse than those of 11 other teams in the Eastern Conference this past regular season. Their season ended in early April.

“I promise you, the Nets. OK ... those players are not exchanging texts with each other this offseason,” said Rose on ESPN’s “Get Up!”

The Nets beg to differ.

Guard Jeremy Lin tweeted to correct Rose, noting that he hosted a team barbecue just last week. (We imagine that took a few texts to arrange.)

Guard Spencer Dinwiddie seconded a fan’s tweet that called out how “inaccurate” Rose was.

But the real proof was in a photo of a team-bonding trek in the hills above Los Angeles that forward DeMarre Carroll posted earlier this month.

Insert foot in mouth, Jalen Rose.

The analyst acknowledged he got the Nets wrong on Wednesday.

The story has been updated with Jalen Rose’s response.



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