'Brooklyn Nine-Nine': Someone Gets Shot In The Mid-Season Finale (VIDEO)

On the mid-season finale of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," one of the detectives took two bullets to protect a fellow officer ... and it may have been the last one you would have expected. The precinct came together to track down a killer who was targeting Captain Holt. When they tracked him to a train yard, the perp got a bead on Diaz. But just as he shot, Boyle leaped in front of the woman he has an unhealthy crush on.

Boyle got shot twice in the butt, but he did save Diaz's life, making him a hero in Holt's eyes, as well as the rest of the team ... and perhaps most importantly, Rosa Diaz herself. “I wonder if Rosa will start seeing Charles differently now that he saved her life (by taking two bullets – one in each butt-cheek)," wrote TV Fanatic's Matt Richenthal.

The development got IGN's Roth Cornet imagining potential future storylines, writing, "Is anyone else picturing a Boyle twin stepping in to play Rosa's mysterious boyfriend? Boyle vs. Boyle in the feats of strength to win the heart of Detective Grumpycat?”

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" returns with new episodes in January on Fox.

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