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Chicken Coops: So Hot Right Now

Sad you can't get your hands on a baby sloth to dress up in a onesie? Well a new trend is giving us hope in an equally unusual, but lovable, pet.

Brownstoner reports that Brooklyn residents are flocking to services to help raise chickens right in their backyards, according to Victory Chicken, a company dedicated in bringing live chickens "back into everyday American life."

Interested newbies are recommended to start with one of their Rosie packages, which include three hens, a locally built coop (choose from a variety of colors), two months of supplies, and Victory's basic 101 training.

While most New Yorkers might think the choice is rather bizarre, Owen Taylor of Just Food dismisses the notion and says, "Actually, cities and chickens do mix. Urban agriculture is huge in other countries, and people have been doing it in New York since the city existed." Even Susan Orlean is a fan.

Taylor says that most chickies reside in Brooklyn and neighborhoods known for their host of green space. Why? Eggs, roasting (sad?), and of course, pets!

They are stand-up comedians - very funny and entertaining. They have very distinct personalities, and just watching them scratch around in the garden can keep you occupied for hours. They play with toys. A lot of people keep them just for their sense of humor. But they do need friends. They are social animals, and they also keep each other warm at night. I'd start with three chickens.

Not convinced? Just watch this Brooklyn Heights family discuss their poultry pets:

The Rosie:

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