Robert Salo, Brooklyn Teen, Wins $1,000 A Week For Rest Of His Life

Robert Salo, an incredibly lucky 18-year-old high school student from Brooklyn, New York, has won one thousand dollars a week for the rest of his life, NBC New York reports.

The teen won the money by playing the New York Lottery's "Win for Life'' scratch-off game and was one of several other winners from Queens and Long Island. According to the station, the winners will receive their ceremonial checks on Tuesday.

Salo, who is graduating from high school this month, told the New York Daily News he's ecstatic about the win.

“This is the first thing I’ve ever won,” he told the paper. "It’s a good way to start out life.”

Thankfully, the 18-year-old didn't share the same fate as Mirlande Wilson, the 36-year-old McDonalds worker who claimed she had a winning Mega Millions tickets -- then said she lost it.

“I have no idea where it is. I’m not sure I have it,” Wilson told the New York Post.

A few days later, three Maryland public school workers revealed themselves as the winners of the jackpot. Choosing to remain anonymous, the lucky three told the Baltimore Sun had each pitched in $20 to buy $60 worth of the tickets from different places.