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Brooks Told Briana's Husband To Hit Her On 'The Real Housewives Of Orange County' (VIDEO)

Some shocking allegations floored everyone at "The Real Housewives of Orange County" reunion during the third and final special. Even more surprising, the allegations about Vicki's on-and-off-again boyfriend, Brooks, came from Vicki's own daughter, Briana.

You told my husband to start hitting me and you’re not sorry for that? F*ck you!" Briana shouted at Brooks. "It’s on recording! It’s on a recording! I heard your voice. You told my husband, 'You need to start hitting Briana to get her to fall in line!'”

“Listen to me, I was drunk and angry and, yes, I’m sorry I said that," Brooks admitted. Then, Briana revealed that she was physically abused as a child, "And you tell my husband to start hitting me.” Briana was right about the recording, too. It does exist and has been posted in its entirety on Radar Online.

After hearing this bombshell, the other ladies jumped on Brooks, too. Vicki tried to defend him at first, but it became too much. Brooks walked off the set, and Vicki broke down in tears, saying she hates her life.

[Vicki’s] simply not over [Brooks], and not willing to let go," wrote The Stir's Julie Ryan Evans. "Recent reports indicate they're still together too. So knowing that combined with everything we saw tonight, made it one of the most depressing reunions ever.”

Writing for Wetpaint, Ryan Gajewski agreed, saying, "Wow ... this three-part reunion was more shocking than we could have imagined.”

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