Introducing 'Brosmopolitan,' The Magazine For Dudes Who Love 'Anchorman' Quotes

This Is What Cosmo For Bros Would Look Like

What would Cosmo for guys look like?

According to David Ingber, a writer for the magazine, something like this:

Judging from the mock cover, bros are very interested in why Pitbull exists and/or is famous, something we imagine many women would care to know, too. And cover boy Adrian Grenier looks very handsome, even if he does, apparently, prefer flora to humans.

Ingber designed the parody cover in Dec. 2013, posting:

Cosmopolitan has been on the cutting edge of women's entertainment and news for decades. Now, the time to reach across the gender aisle is finally at hand. Why did it take us this long to realize that, if we replaced the "C" with a "Br," we'd have a completely awesome new magazine for men? We don't know either!

We're almost disappointed that "Brosmo" doesn't actually exist.

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