Brothel For Persons With Disabilities To Feature Wheelchair Access, Special Assistance

A Brothel To Serve Persons With Disabilities?

The two-room "Para Doxies" in Milton Keynes, England, near London, will have ramps and lifts for clients in wheelchairs, with two sex workers and other staff to provide assistance.

"Everyone deserves to experience and enjoy sexual contact," owner and former madam Becky Adams told the Sun, adding that she was investing £50,000 ($81,000) in the project.

Adams noted that the brothel, which she hopes will be the first of its kind, would operate as a non-profit, so she said it wouldn't be illegal for clients, such as injured soldiers, to spend disability benefits on sexual services, according to the Sun.

Attention on persons with disabilities seeking sexual fulfillment seems to have accelerated recently.

Organizations such as Touching Base in Australia connect people with disabilities and sex workers, website reports. A recent documentary titled "Scarlet Road" followed one of Touching Base's founders, sex worker Rachel Wotton, in her relationships with a multiple sclerosis patient and a man with cerebral palsy.

Stateside, the topic has emerged in the film "The Sessions," for which Helen Hunt is being talked up for a possible Oscar nomination for her role as a sexual surrogate who helps a polio sufferer lose his virginity.

Adams' brothel project isn't a done deal, however. As the Mirror notes, she has yet to receive a permit. Prostitution is legal in England but can't involve a third party such as a madam or pimp.

Adams, who once owned a chain of illegal sex houses and generated controversy by saying she wouldn't mind if her daughter became a prostitute, told the Sun that the only intermediaries at Para Doxies would be staff to help clients with things they couldn't do themselves.

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