Brother Loses Bet, Has To Dance In A Busy Intersection For 30 Minutes, Wins A Date


Andrew Wilcox lost a bet... but he gained internet fame and a date. Not a bad trade-off.

After losing three basketball games in a row to his younger brother, Wilcox was forced to dance for a half hour at a busy intersection in Provo, Utah, to WHATEVER music his brother selected. [See full video below.]

The rest is internet magic. As Wilcox began to throw down in front of God and everybody, he was shortly joined by strangers who refused to let him go it alone. Never leave a man dancing behind, right?

Of course, the first question we had was "What happened to the dog?" Good news! According to a comment Wilcox left on the video, "The dog was owned by a mechanic on the corner who called him back in!" Our crack investigative efforts have uncovered that the dog is Sir Winston Churchill Peterson, official greeter at nearby Independent Import Service. Aww... what a cutie!

And, yes, Wilcox reportedly did make a bit of a love connection with the random woman who first joined him: "I got her number. We're going out to dinner this week."

Viral superstar level: NEXT.


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