WATCH IT: Brawling Brothers Slam Car Into Police Cruiser

Video shows one of the two siblings clinging to the hood of their moving car.
1/7/16 SHTP

Yesterday we responded to the 7000 block of Tottenham for a domestic violence complaint. Two brothers were fighting in the home. When patrol arrived, they saw a white car approaching with a male subject hanging on to the hood of the car. Officer activates overhead lights and stops patrol can see in the video what happens next. (After investigation, both brothers were arrested on separate charges, but the way). Thankfully, nobody was injured.

Posted by Shelby Township Police Department on Friday, January 8, 2016

A pair of brawling brothers was filmed crashing their car into a Michigan cop car as one of the two men clung to the moving car's hood.

Dashcam video shows the car on the wrong side of the road before ramming head-on into a Shelby Township police cruiser.

The driver, identified by police as 20-year-old Minas Habib, appears to get out of his car and wave his arms angrily at his smashed vehicle and the equally enraged officer.

"The driver was trying to tell us that we ran into him when in fact we were at a complete stop and he ran into us,” Shelby Township Deputy Chief Mark Coil told Fox 2 News.

Police said they were responding to a domestic violence complaint when Thursday’s crazy collision occurred.

In the video, Minas’ shirtless brother, identified by police as 18-year-old Savros Habib, is seen being thrown off the car’s hood. Upon coming face-to-face with the officer, the teen awkwardly tiptoes behind his brother’s car.

Police say Minas claims he was trying to get away from his younger brother after he was attacked. He said he couldn’t see the oncoming officer, though Coil told Fox News that they believe the crash may have been intentional to get his brother off his car's hood.

Both men were arrested at the scene with Savros charged with domestic violence and Minas charged with reckless conduct.

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