'BROTHERS,' Web Series Documenting The Lives Of Trans Masculine Men, Releases Fourth Episode

One Of Our Favorite Web Series About Trans Masculine Friends Is Back

"Brothers," an intimate queer web series about the lives of trans masculine friends, just premiered its emotional fourth episode -- and it just keeps getting better.

This series follows Jack, Davyn, Aiden and Max, four transgender and trans masculine men with complicated, intersecting lives, living in Brooklyn, New York. In this latest episode, one character is dealing with the aftermaths of a breakup. Another is hit with the harsh reality that his health insurance won't cover his gender confirmation surgery -- a lived reality that a heartbreakingly high number of transgender individuals still face.

Check out the new episode above. Want to learn more about "Brothers"? Head here to read an interview HuffPost Gay Voices conducted with the creators earlier this year.

Did you miss the first three episodes in this incredible web series? You can watch them here.

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