Brothers Grimm Google Logo Celebrates 200th Anniversary Of Children's Story Collection

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On December 20, Google posted an interactive logo on its home page to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the "Grimm's Fairy Tales," an 1812 publication of a German folklore collected by brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm.

The Brothers Grimm anthology (then known as "Children's And Household Tales," now commonly known as "Grimm's Fairy Tales") is still in print 200 years after its first publication, and the stories themselves, relatively unchanged, have also endured. A number of the collected tales are today part of the canon of oft-told children's stories, with "Sleeping Beauty," "Little Red Riding Hood" and "Hansel and Gretel" among some of the most famous.

By the mid-twentieth century, several of the tales had become Disney-movie famous ("Beauty And The Beast," "Snow White And The Seven Dwarves"). More recently, entertainers have turned their eyes to the stories of the lives and talents of the Grimm siblings, who have inspired the Terry Gilliam movie "The Brothers Grimm." There's even a fantasy drama, "Grimm," that airs on NBC.

Like several previous Doodles, including this year's October 15 celebration of Little Nemo, the Brothers Grimm Doodle is presented as an animated story you can click through. In this case, the comic tells the story of Red Riding Hood. And though this tale would normally have a gruesome ending for the wolf, Google brightens up the story a bit by (Spoiler alert!) sending the creature to jail rather than killing it off. Luckily, keeping the Doodle gore-free doesn't make it less delightful.

Watch a click-through of the story in the video embedded at the top of this entry, or play the story yourself at

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