'Brothers' Web Series Premieres Its Second Season

This Amazing Web Series Focusing On The Lives Of Trans Men Is Back

It's not often that you see authentic portrayals of the diverse experiences of trans masculine men.

For this reason, we're big fans of the web series "Brothers," which released the first episode of its second season this week. We brought you news about the first season in 2014, and continued to fall in love with these characters and their stories as time went on.

"Brothers" follows Jack, Davyn, Aiden and Max, four transgender and trans masculine men leading complicated, intersecting lives. In an attempt to honestly and authentically portray stories that the transgender community can connect with, all transgender roles in this web series are played by trans actors.

Check out the first episode of season one above. "Brothers" is currently raising funds in order to shoot the rest of the season -- head here for more information.

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