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Broward Uber MUST Stay!

The people of not only Broward but all of South Florida want and should demand the car service Uber.
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The people of not only Broward but all of South Florida want and should demand the car service Uber.

Broward County Commissioners are doing constituents a huge disservice by (basically) forcing Uber to discontinue operation as of July 31st.

Community-based, do-it-yourself companies like Uber, Lyft and AirbNb (to name a few) are what the people want.

Broward Uber is cheaper, faster and easier to navigate than a taxi.

Broward Uber creates thousands of jobs.

Broward Uber is more luxurious than a taxi.

Broward Uber gives back to the people over companies.

Would County Commissioners rather have locals drive drunk after a night out because they can't afford a taxicab? Would they rather we stay home?

It's understandable that cab operators and owners have to pay a hefty fee for a license and a taxi medallion. But rather than go after Uber, cab companies should produce a modern, cost-efficient product that can compete with Uber.

That is capitalism in a free-market world.

That is America.

Over 15 million tourists visit South Florida annually.

There is more than enough demand for car services in our community. Let the cabs have the tourists. And afford the people their right to choose.

CLICK HERE to sign Broward Uber's petition to stay.

Uber knows how to fight and this battle isn't over yet.

Also, feel free to write the Broward County Commissioners.

Either write something meaningful or just copy and paste this in the subject line.


Send it to:;;;;;;;;

It'll take a minute of your time.

Since launching last August in Broward, thousands of local drivers have provided more than one million safe cost-efficient Uber rides throughout Broward county.

Don't take Broward Uber away from locals.

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