Brown Berets Target Rally Held By Supporters Of Arizona's Immigration Law, Shout "Go Back To Europe!" (VIDEO)

Members of the Brown Berets, a Mexican American grassroots organization formed in the 1960's, appeared at a rally in Anaheim, California that was in support of Arizona's controversial immigration law.

Armed with a megaphone and their berets, the two members marched up and down the sidewalks and shouted: "You are white!", "Go back to Europe!" and "This is Mexican land!"
Rally goers shouted back: "Support Arizona!" "Go back to Mexico!" and "Go wash someone's dishes!"

The group's website says that they are in support for preserving the history of their ancestors and the Mexican heritage. They claim that America once belonged to Mexico and that it was wrong to deny citizenship to the country's native inhabitants.

Following its release on July 18 by Americans For Legal Immigration, the video has since caused a surge of controversy.

The Atlantic didn't put much stock in the Brown Berets' actions, calling their cries "hilariously sarcastic."