Gov. 'Moonbeam' Brown's Office Uses Trump's Own Words To Defend Pardons

Trump touted second chances for former prisoners the day before he blasted California Gov. Jerry Brown for giving ex-convicts a ... second chance.

Turns out President Donald Trump’s timing was off for his vicious dig at California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) for pardoning five immigrants who were facing possible deportation.

Trump, relying again on name-calling, lashed “Moonbeam” Brown Saturday for pardoning immigrants who had been convicted of crimes — even though they finished serving their sentences years ago.

But the president slammed the pardons the day after he proclaimed April “second chance month” — which Brown’s press office was only too happy to point out. The California tweet responded with the president’s own words, highlighted on the White House web site. The president celebrated “those who have exited the prison system and successfully reentered society ... we encourage expanded opportunities for those who have worked to overcome bad decisions ... and emphasize our belief in second chances.”

Trump could have been describing the pardoned Californians.

Brown granted 56 pardons and reduced 14 sentences on Good Friday and Passover. All of those granted pardons served their sentences “years ago,” and “earned” their pardons, said a statement from Brown’s office. Each of the five immigrants lived “law-abiding” lives after serving their time, and were assets to their communities and families, according to information from Brown’s office. Two of the immigrants came to America as child refugees. The pardons won’t necessarily save the men from deportation, but they may help.

The Trump slam was the latest in an increasingly heated feud between the White House and pollution-battling, immigrant-protecting California. Trump may have slammed California in his latest tweet because Brown was attacked for the pardons early Saturday on “Fox and Friends.”