Brown: Election Is 'Not A Referendum On The President'

Brown: Election Is 'Not A Referendum On The President'

In an interview on the even of Tuesday election, Scott Brown made his final pitch to state voters, urging them to cast their vote for him, against "business as usual" in Washington, but said that the election was "not a referendum on the president."

"We can bring fairness back to Washington," Brown told Boston's WCVB station. "You know, we tax too much, we spend too much and there are terrorists in Afghanistan. And we're very concerned about not only our national security, but our vital national interests, and as a lieutenant colonel, I understand those issues."

Brown disagreed with the argument that many political observers have made about the implications of the stunning turn of events in the Senate race. "It's not a referendum on the president, there are many issues, you're talking about national security, taxes, spending," Brown said. "These are things that effect people in a very real and dramatic manner."

The Massachusetts state senator and Lt. Colonel of the Massachusetts National Guard also described what he believes to be an inadequate health care reform bill. "We can do better, we can bring it back to the drawing board," he told WCVB. He then went on to give details about his own plan for health care, which would allow states to individually tailor their own health care plans based on their specific needs.

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