Bruce Dern Recalls Waking Up To Discover Eleanor Roosevelt Was His Babysitter (VIDEO)

WATCH: Eleanor Roosevelt Babysat This Hollywood Legend

You've never had a babysitter like this.

Film legend Bruce Dern talked to HuffPost Live's Ricky Camilleri about his new film "Nebraska," and during the conversation he revealed the very famous woman who once cared for him -- First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.

Dern's grandfather was Secretary of War in President Franklin D. Roosevelt's first cabinet, so Dern's family would visit the president and his wife at their estate in Hyde Park, New York. During one of the trips, Dern was riding his bike when he hit a tree and suffered a concussion. About eight hours later, he awoke to quite the surprise.

"There was a lady sitting in a rocking chair next to me with a book in her lap. The first thing I saw was the book in the lap and the legs in a nightgown down to the slippers. And when I looked up I saw this--" Dern said, making a face and baring his teeth, "and I realized it was Mrs. Roosevelt."

Check out the full interview with Bruce Dern at HuffPost Live HERE.

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