Bruce Dern Shares Hilarious Memory Of A Girthy Alfred Hitchcock

"He just gets up, and the legs of the chair are sticking straight out."

With an acting career spanning more than 50 years, Bruce Dern has his fair share of incredible Hollywood stories, and he delightfully shared a few of them from the set of Alfred Hitchcock's final film with HuffPost Live on Tuesday.

During a conversation about his role in Quentin Tarantino's new film, "The Hateful Eight," Dern discussed shooting 1976's "Family Plot," on which he worked closely with Hitchcock. Dern, who slipped in and out of his impression of Hitchcock's legendary voice, recounted anecdotes including why the iconic director purposely mispronounced Al Pacino's last name and this hilarious moment of helping Hitchcock remove himself from a director's chair:

He gets up, and because of his girth, his sides and hips are going out the slats on the side [of the chair], where your hands go. ... So when he got up, the chair goes with him. I mean, he just gets up, and the legs of the chair are sticking straight out. He never turned around to me, he just said, "Bruce -- a hand, please." So I grabbed the legs, and he walked out of the chair.

Watch Dern tell the story in the video above, including the "remarkable" thing Hitchcock did that he's never seen another director replicate, and click here for Dern's full HuffPost Live conversation.

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