Bruce Springsteen Rocks On After Dramatic Fall On Stage In Amsterdam

The "Tougher Than The Rest" singer continued the gig like a true rock star.

Bruce Springsteen took a painful-looking tumble during a recent show in Amsterdam, leaving fans panic-stricken.

With his guitar wrapped around his neck, the 73-year-old rock star stumbled while walking up a set of steps to join the rest of his band when disaster struck at the Johan Cruyff Arena.

The “I’m On Fire” singer dramatically landed on his back and laid there for a few seconds, prompting his bandmates to rush to his side to check on him.

At the same time, worried onlookers let out a collective gasp.

Bruce Springsteen on stage during another show at Murrayfield in Edinburgh on Tuesday.
Bruce Springsteen on stage during another show at Murrayfield in Edinburgh on Tuesday.
Jane Barlow - PA Images via Getty Images

Luckily, it appeared that no damage was done, and Springsteen eventually got back up on his feet with the help of security members.

“Goodnight everybody,” he jokingly bellowed, before picking up his guitar and resuming the concert.

Yep, he truly is “Tougher Than The Rest”… (we’ll show ourselves out).

Fans shared their relief that Springsteen wasn’t badly injured following the fall.

The rock star has been on his 2023 Tour since 1 February, with the first show taking place in Tampa, Florida.

Although he’s currently gigging in Europe, the singer is expected to wrap up his live performances in San Francisco, California, in December.

Last month, former First Lady Michelle Obama joined Bruce on stage and played tambourine alongside Indiana Jones star Kate Capshaw and E Street Band member Patti Scialfa.

And just a few weeks ago, he delighted Dublin residents after stopping to enjoy some fish and chips and a pint on his day off.

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