Bruce Springsteen Imitates Obama And Improvises A Campaign Song At Virginia Rally (VIDEO)

Bruce Springsteen, a vocal supporter of President Obama, performed a free concert at an Obama rally in Charlottesville, Virginia on Tuesday.

The crowd of 5,000 was given a show of six classic Springsteen jams, including "Thunder Road" and "Promised Land," as well as an off-the-cuff campaign song that seemed to be improvised. The Boss acted out a phone call between Obama and himself, giving his best Barack impression.

Lyrics for the acoustic campaign song included "Let's vote for the man who got Osama... First debate really freaked me out, then Romney got schooled twice by Obama / Smilin’ Joe Biden brought the drama.” Springsteen did a call-and-response with the audience, prompting the crowd to shout the campaign slogan "forward," after each line of the song.

The free concert was just the first of Springsteen's Virginia appearances, as he had a concert later that evening at Charlottesville's John Paul Jones Arena. He also made stops in Ames, Iowa and Parma, Ohio last week to campaign for Obama.

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