Transcending From Pain With Bruce

My name is Mike Zazzali and I grew up down the Jersey Shore in a town called Point Pleasant. When I was 12-years-old my mom called me into her bedroom to sit me down. She had to tell me that the doctors found a lump on her breast and that it was cancer. She said she would be starting treatment soon. Afterwards, I went down to my room crying about the news of my mom's health. I had this boom-box in my room that I had won on the boardwalk and for some reason decided to turn on the radio. When I turned it on, Bruce was on playing Jersey Girl and it was the first time I had heard this song. For those 4 or 5 minutes I lost myself in the lyrics given he kept speaking of the Jersey Shore where everything is gonna be alright. The song transcended me from the pain inside me concerning my mom and was the start of my lifelong love/obsession with Bruce.