The New Brunch-Flavored Candy Corn Will Either Treat Or Terrify You

Try it if you dare. 👻

What do you get when you mix candy corn and brunch? What’s sure to be the most polarizing Halloween candy of all time: Brunch-flavored candy corn.

Yup. Brach’s, the same brand that brought you s’mores candy corn, has whipped up a new one for the 2016 Hallow-season:


“Brunch Favorites” is a mix of individual corns flavored as French toast and maple syrup, waffles and strawberry and chocolate chip pancakes. (What, no eggs Benedict?)

The actual product description lists these flavors as simply “maple,” “strawberry” and “chocolate.” But no matter: With a little imagination, they’re basically a meal in your mouth!

A bag of Brunch Favorites candy corn sells for about $2.50 exclusively at Target, and of course you can order one online.

Here’s what the corns look like in real life. Shield your eyes, haters of candy corn and/or unsightly pastel hues!

The brave humans at PopSugar tasted the treats to mixed reviews.

Go on and try for yourself. We dare you.

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